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Axios Social Investments is a company that promotes personal and financial responsibility along with environmental responsibility and sustainability and Israeli entrepreneurship. Axios works inside Israeli society with a bottom-up approach to empower the public with financial knowledge, especially young adults and young families, with the understanding that it’s wiser and more effective to teach someone to fish than to give him fish. In addition to this, Axios believes in promoting community-based entrepreneurial initiatives that strengthen the neighborhood and the region by creating jobs, integrating residents with special needs and residents of the neighborhood in order to strengthen the community and neighborhood in which these projects operate.

Website: https://www.axiosil.org/

Vertical Field Ltd.

Vertical Field company (VF) is a worldwide pioneer in the designing and building of modular, lush green vertical gardens and fields. Innovative and unique in our approach to creating living walls, we design our own system with VF’s state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology.

Website: https://verticalfield.com/



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